"What do you think, Cally? Shall we stay and observe or shall we scuttle off with our closed minds intact?"
Avon, S3, Ultraworld

"But there will be companions for my death. I plan to raid the complex. To destroy until I am destroyed." 
Cally, S1, Time Squad

"All knowledge is valuable."
Avon, S1, The Web

"Auron may be different, Cally, but on Earth it is considered ill-mannered to kill your friends while committing suicide."
Avon, S2, Weapon

Avon:  It's a pity we're not all as reliable as Zen. 
Cally:  But I thought you were.
S3, City at the Edge of the World

"These exercises of yours, Cally, do not appear to improve the temper."
Avon, S2, Voice from the Past

"Well, he's certainly not normal, not even for Blake. Let's find out. Come on, Cally."
Avon, S2, Voice from the Past

Avon: It isn't marked 'Entrance'. 
Cally: Nobody's perfect.
S2, Star One

Cally: What's that? 
Avon: We seem to have stumbled over an alien invasion.
S2, Star One

Avon: The trouble with the people of Auron is that they all suffer from a superiority complex.
Vila: You should get on well with them, then.
Avon: Too good to become involved with the rest of humanity.
Cally: That's not true. Just because we happen to be neutral doesn't necessarily --
Avon: Neutrality or passivism, it all boils down to the same gutless inanity.
Cally: You're wrong.
Vila: "Gutless inanity." I like it. What's it mean?
Cally: Some of us wanted to participate in galactic affairs.
Avon: Yes?
Cally: Yes.
S3, Children of Auron

Avon: The great passive majority psyched them into line. Telepathic communion is a wonderful thing.
S3, Children of Auron

Tarrant: Were you exiled?
Cally: Yes. Why do you imagine I've never gone back? Affection for him?
S3, Children of Auron

Cally: Or, if you want one of your own cold, rational explanations, we can't afford to lose you.
S3, Terminal